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Difference of CBD and THC

Even though cannabis is becoming popular on an international scale, few is known concerning the particular content in the plant. Even the ones with the knowledge of the main components (CBD and THC) of cannabis are not particular while addressing the comparison. The difference between THC and CBD is pronounced when one gets to dig deeper into the effects, chemical contents and makeup of the two components as explained below.

Side effects
Evidence from some studies has revealed that it is possible to have a fatal effect if THC is overdosed. High strains in THC can have psychiatric effects. This includes disorders like schizophrenia. On the other hand, research indicates that large overdose of CBD can be well tolerated as opposed to THC. Effects of CBD are counted as less harmful to the one of THC. As a result, CBD is used more in medical treatments than THC.

Medical application
THC can treat side effects of chemotherapy. It reduces vomiting and increases appetite. It is also said to improve spasticity and bladder function. It suppresses the painful spasms and central pain. It is also said to reduce symptoms of AIDS by stimulating appetite. On the other hand, CBD is useful in treating schizophrenia by reducing its psychotic symptoms. It lowers anxiety and reduces depressive symptoms. CBD is known to suppress the effects cancer through lessening nausea and pain.

Difference in their sources
Naturally, the two components are sourced from the different cannabis plant. THC is extracted from marijuana while CBD is found hemp. The difference in their sources contributes to their difference in chemical compositions.

Legal status
Most countries prohibit the use of THC. Stringent laws are passed surrounding THC. It is not very clear among many countries concerning its advantageous use. For instance, in the US, it is technically illegal. On the other hand, CBD is, in most states legal following its curative characteristic. It is legal in the United States.

The takeaway
After comparing CBD and THC, it is quite self-evident that the two components of cannabis are vastly different. While they both perform related psychosis effect, their effects are packaged in different capacities. Their difference is explicit regarding legal status, effect, source and medical application. Overall, the above-mentioned differences are just but some few selected comparisons that tend to put a mark between CBD and THC.

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